Projectchunk : Ionic4 – Debuging on Android

I am setting up my app to be a PWA and an android app currently so I wanted to to debug on my real Android device.

It turned out to be extremely easy !

Run the app on your device

This command is the command you are looking for :

ionic cordova run android --device --livereload --debug

The options are :

–device : [cordova/native-run] Deploy build to a

–livereload : Spin up dev server to live-reload www files

–debug : [cordova] Mark as a debug build


Simply use Chrome or Chromium

Go to the dev tools (either F12, Ctrl+alt+i or Cmd+option+i).

The following tab will appear :

You can now access the full debug mode as if the app was running on your chrome browser ! Including the console as you can see


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