Startup : Some global advice from books

So, I’m starting a Startup and I need to understand the process, to have a big picture. This article is intended to be a roadmap from the books I’ve read and the info I gathered on the field of honor.

As Startup we don’t have the luxury to make big mistakes, but we also don’t have the luxury to deliver a polished product on their first trial. So we should focus on making a product that makes what it’s made for, and make it well. Also, catch errors before they grow.

But how do I know what my product should do ?

There is 2 sources of input :

  • Internal ideas from everybody in the startup
  • Clients

With all those ideas there is a TODO list big enough to fill the next years, so : How do I choose? (because, yes, apparently I have to choose !)

  • Have authentic core values to help prioritize.
  • Have written mission statement.
  • Know which phase of the process I am in.
  • Validate proof of ideas with A-B Testing.

Then make a plan !

Internal ideas from everybody in the startup

Brainstorm like the life of the startup depends on it !

Need lots of space for creativity !

Good sleep !

Everybody should be trusted and have the opportunity to implement new ideas.

Ideas from clients

Know the customers, know who they are, know how they use the app/product, know their problems, hopes, know when they are happy and when they are not.

And concentrate on doing everything to make them happy !

The core values

A simple sentence that will show the goal of the company (yes we see long term so : company)

I found this is a good read on the subject :

The mission Statement

A set of Statements that helps foster what the previous article called “company culture”.

On the same note here is a good read :

The phases of the startup

The idea

I have an idea ?!? That’s Great !

Now it needs to mature, we need to take some time to look around, speak around, compare, read, make it better.

The educated guess

Now let’s transform it into a project. Find a pitch, a strategy, look for money, make a plan.

Next step is proving the concept(s) with a simple showcase website or any experiment that has value. If it fails it is mandatory to pivot and try again, this is crucial.

The early adopters

With the concept in mind, let’s focus on the MVP (Minimum Viable Product). We need early adapters to understand that it might not be a perfect product but we are counting on them to improve the product, they are a part of it and for that we will be forever grateful !


Now we have a good enough product and customers are starting to pile up, so the word in mind is : GROWTH. We need to attract ever more customers. And we need a new strategy !

The strategies are :

  • Use the early adopters to act as cheerleaders.
  • Use industry experts, bloggers, leaders in the industry to spread the word.
  • Advertisement (social media, magazines, ad mob, flyers etc…)

The tools :

  • Create/refine your slogan.
  • Communicate clearly and smartly.