Kubuntu : Add new swap

Version of Kubuntu : 18.04

First check the status of the swap

swapon --show

	/swapfile file   8G 7,7G   -2

display information about the current state of the swap

From here create a new swap file with an other name

sudo fallocate -l 16G /swapfile2
sudo chmod 600 /swapfile2
sudo mkswap /swapfile2

Create a new swapfile

And activate it

sudo swapon /swapfile2
sudo vim /etc/fstab

Activate the new swap

/swapfile2 none swap sw 0 0

add this line to /etc/fstab

You should not have to restart your system

Remove the old swap

First deactivate your old swap (this can take some time !)

sudo swapoff /swapfile

Deactivate the old swap

Then delete the old swap file

sudo rm -rf /swapfile

Change changes in the for future

sudo vim /etc/fstab

edit the file system table and remove the reference to the old swap